2019 - Judges

Head Judge: Papa Bear - International Person of Leather 2015

At the age of 16, Papa Bear began his journey researching his hidden passions via books and other literature (the only legal recourse when one discovers such proclivities at such a tender age); at age 18, a wonderful Miss took him under her wing. Under her tutelage, he learned step-by-step how to use the tools he fetishized, and he hasn’t looked back since! Formerly of Las Vegas, now living in Seattle; Papa Bear was the 2015 President for LUC of LV, a member of the Las Vegas Leadership Council, a member of Vegas Valley TNG, is a core staff member of Sin in the City, and served as the Associate Director for the last Las Vegas Mentors Program. In March of 2014, he was honored to win the title of Mr. Southwest Olympus Leather 2014, Southwest Person of Leather 2015, and won the title of International Person Of Leather in 2015. Papa Bear is a leatherman that wants to help share his knowledge and the knowledge of others with everyone who hungers for it as much as he does!

Iamar - International Person of Leather 2019

iamar was introduced to the Leather community in 1996 through AOL. She joined the TIDEwater Community as a member in 1998 when it first formed as BelleIsis. She moved to Nashville, TN in 1999 and through the years renamed herself iamar after her Leather brother told her that she was like the moon which was ever changing. She started The Submission, a support group for submissives and slaves as well as the Nashville People of Color munch. She became a hostess for 1st Thursday munch in Nashville. As a 13 year volunteer for Frolicon, she expanded her role as a game room hostess to being a ceremony coordinator as well as a Primal presenter/organizer. She is a moderator for Primal Play-The Animal Within on Fetlife since 2011 when it first started. She is currently a member of The Red Chair in Birmingham, AL and Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs, CO. She is the Vice President of Onyx Pearls Southern Leather, had proudly serving as Sargent of Arms for two years for the Onyx Pearls Southeast as well as a council member of Onyx Pearl National Council. She holds the title of SELF Person of Leather 2018 and International Person of Leather 2019. iamar is also a part of the 2018 film documentary, "Kinkphobia". 

Paradox - Southern Nevada Bootblack 2017

Paradox became a member of the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas in 2014 and has been involved with the Las Vegas community since then as an active member in one form or another. Once she smelled that first can of Huberd’s and popped that first can of polish she dove into the wonderful world of Bootblacking. Paradox loves to share her love of leather with others at regular boot lab skill share meetings and one-on-one mentorships. She is honored to be Southern Nevada Bootblack 2017.

Ty the Gentleman - Mr Corazón Leather 2017

Ty the Gentleman is a champion of intelligent kink and community outreach. With a primary focus on events and education, Ty The Gentleman strives to foster an atmosphere of openness and acceptance through his work and efforts. He has advocated for non gender based pricing in alternative spaces, healthy exploration of sexual identity, and contributed to charity through stage performance. Mr. Corazón Leather 2017, Ty The Gentleman was TNG panelist at South Plains Leatherfest 20th anniversary, is a lead DM and BDSM educator at the New Mexico Clubhouse, and kink exhibitionist nationwide.

Andy Deen - Admin/Incoming Glorious Leader, Utah TNG

Andy is a bisexual, polyamorous animal lover who has been active in the northern Utah kink community since 2013. In 2014 she sold her soul to Utah TNG and was recently promoted to prophet, seer, and revelator for the organization. Andy has a BS in Psychology and has conducted research on kink, consent, sexual assault and several other projects among college-aged adults. Andy hosts the monthly Utah county munch and works with Provo Pride, coordinates the TNG Pride booth, hosts numerous other kink and LGBTQ+ activities throughout the year and has discovered how to get 26 hours out of a 24-hour day. Her hobbies include sports, acting, singing, dancing, art, cooking/baking, and geeking out with her partner.