2019 - Contestants


Dotty joined the FLOG Community in 2016 becoming the assistant education liaison in 2017. She joined the Salt lake community in 2017 working hard to get involved in what every way she could. In October of 2017 she joined the board for the inaugural 2018 Utah Leather Pride. In 2018 she served as staff volunteer coordinator for Sin in the City. Dotty was a judge for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Person of Leather competition. Today Dotty is working on two classes; “Silence! The art of torcher and humiliation through stress positions”, and “That’s not my … identification learning Identity in Kink”. In addition Dotty is working on a personal project the Leather Bunny Foundation. A charity foundation funded by the proceeds of an annual Leather Bunny calendar each month showcasing a member of our community. Dotty works hard to be all inclusive and support the community as a whole.

Mr. Satyr

Mr. Satyr has been active in the kink community since 2015, he graduated from Utah's 2.0 level educational program The Journey in 2018. He identifies as service oriented however, he jokes that since he derives pleasure from making others happy, he must be the most selfish person on the planet. He is a queer Daddy Dominant with a wicked sadistic streak and he enjoys being part of a large poly-cule that is made up of a variety of relationships types such as 24/7 power exchange, Mentorship etc. He is active at and volunteers his time to the three major local venues. Some of his favorite fetishes include leather, flogging, age play (both light and dark), caning and cell popping. He strives for the title because he feels it would give him a better platform to raise awareness about the Stigma against those with Disabilities in community.

Tyler T

Tyler (he/him) has been in the Utah scene for two and half years. In that time, he’s joined Leather House Leviathan, graduated Journey, become an Associate Member at the Menagerie, co-president of Utah Leaf & Leather, organized events between multiple programs, and created a BDSM 101 course which he presented at a sex positivity conference this past March. He’s a terrifying Top and a very good boy. Here to stir the melting pot, he wants to call our community to action.

Princess Asshole

Princess Asshole (P.A.), she/her/hers, is just your run-of-the-mill asshole trying to do weird stuff to people and have a lot of laughs in the process. She is a creative by trade, and loves to play in arenas that push her creativity, especially in kink. You’ll often find her carving art into skin, piercing people, or fulfilling her sadistic, surgical dreams of being a harmacist. Originally from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where she co-ran TNG DFW (formerly TNG Dallas) for almost 4 years, she transplanted to the Denver/Boulder area in 2018. She has been active in the public kink scene since 2015. P.A. has dedicated herself to serving her community as a volunteer for local groups, as well as organizing education and social events for TNG DFW and TNG Denver. In 2018, P.A. was selected as the TNG Liaison for South Plains Leatherfest in Dallas, Texas and is honored to continue to serve in this role. She is also a proud sister the Hard Pink Sisterhood. P.A. identifies as a gender-fluid, polyamorous, pansexual, top-leaning switch. She dedicates herself in helping educate her community on out-of-the-box kink, self-awareness, advocacy, and overall inclusivity in all the facets of her life.