2018 - Judges

Head Judge: Master Obsidian

Master Obsidian has been involved in the BDSM community for over 3 decades. He’s been a member of groups in Chicago as well as in Texas. He has served in a Leadership capacity in the Field of Diversity for multi million dollar corporations, as well as committees and boards in the LGBTQ and Diverse business arena nation wide. A proud Leatherman and Inspiring Orator - He has presented numerous classes on topics ranging from Fire and Pressure point play to Dominance to Spirituality. He has received accolades and recognition by the community including Receiving His Masters’ cover in 2009, The 2012 Southwest Leather Conference Leatherman’s Heart Award, a Pantheon of Leather Man of the year Nominee, and 2010 Southwest Master as well as 2010 International Master.

Sir Valentino Harrison

Sir Valentino Harrison is a Lifestyle Master covered under the wonderful Mistress Cyan and he  owns two slaves, panda and cupcake. He served as Southern California Leather Master 2013 and Southwest Leather Master 2014. He and his house are extremely devoted to giving back to the community through charity, education and service. 
Sir Valentino is currently pursuing a law degree and loves to cook (and having an excuse to throw a Ramen Party). He has presented a week of lectures on BDSM at Stanford University for Kardinal Kink (2015). He has been a lifestyle educator for the past 10 years, teaching at several conferences and play spaces across the United States. Using his Leather Titles, he has raised 21 tons of food for charity. He and his family appeared on episode 104 of VH1’s “I’m Married to A….” and episode 1 of “What Chelsea Does”.


ABizzy originally hails from Hattiesburg, MS, though these days she and her poly family call Baton Rouge, LA home. She spends her days wrangling little people and their parents at her mundane service industry job, while the rest of the time, ABizzy devotes her life to her family and her leather life. She was introduced to BDSM and the leather life seven years ago when she first moved to the Baton Rouge area. That started a journey that has included participation in groups across Louisiana and Mississippi. SELF has been a big part of her leather path as well. She attended her first SELF in 2013, and received her first gifted leather from River, 2013’s SELF Boy, as he stepped down from his title in 2014. ABizzy is the co-founder and Head Little in Charge of Red Stick TNG, as well as, a full member of RSVP in Baton Rouge. She was honored with the title of SouthEast Person of Leather for 2016 and 2017. She is currently International Person of Leather 2018 and has served many contests across the US with anything from basic volunteering to Judging. ABizzy is a leathergirl, babygirl, bootblack, mentor, teacher, crochet enthusiast, dog lover and rescuer, extreme couponer and Disney addict all rolled up in one adorable, dynamic package.

Jen McGrew

Jennifer owns the the famous Salt Lake Tightlacer label (tightlacer.com) and has been creating specialty corsets, performance outfits, fetish wear and patches for the community since 2001. In her interesting venn diagram of a life, she intersects with many communities as a producer of films and other performative events including pageants, panels and cosplay competitions. She runs the west's premiere production design shop (mcgrewstudios.com) in downtown Salt Lake where she and her colleagues create fantastic custom costumes, sets, props, miniatures and effects for the entertainment and corporate industries. For decades, she has indoctrinated many others- friends and collaborators as well as staff, colleagues, interns, clients and the public into adopting her peculiar world view that things should be made beautifully and with quality. She is something of a sartorial tyrant on these particular matters. But it is also widely known that she is a warm friend, a fierce ally, a mentor and cheerleader to many. She is very enthusiastic about lending her keen eye and advisory input as a judge this year.


Dotty is a relative newcomer to the leather world - she koined the community 2 years ago after 5 years of professional cosplay and modeling.  Dotty has served on the FLOG admin team and the board for Utah leather Pride, and does her best to stay as active as possible in the community as a whole.