2018 - Contestants

Vanessa R

Vanessa has been in the leather community for almost two years . She is a student of The Path and Journey and a member of various groups. She is always eager to help her leather family grow as well as the community by volunteering and jumping in when needed. She aspires to embrace her truth and inner goddess. This is Vanessa’s first title competition, an amazing opportunity to amplify her call for diversity and inclusion. As a black, single mom, born and raised abroad, she has a unique insight into the difficulties diversity barriers can bring; She is poster-perfect to represent all of us. Come talk with her about your experience with diversity. She only bites with consent ;)

Derek P

Derek joined the kink community in Denver in 2008. Upon diving further in, he knew he found home when he met his mentor, Master Leo, and was introduced to the Leather Lifestyle. As a proficient needle top, Derek has taught classes on basic to advanced needle play and negotiating with creative sadists. He also helps run Beyond Piercing, a medical supply kink shop dedicated to educating other kinksters and help them achieve joy. He enjoys giving back to the community that has given so much to him and always creates fun situations for himself through his play and interactions with others.